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Pet Care ~ Rhode Island & Southeastern, MA

Woof! is based in Rumford, RI which is a little suburb just outside of Providence. We service clients in a 5-10 mile radius of our home base. We'll take care of all of your pet related needs when you're out of town, working that 40 hour work week grind, or simply going on a day trip. We don't want you to feel that "pet neglect" or get the sad face from your animal when you leave the house because your pets will know we're coming and they'll be thrilled! Don't have any animals? That's alright, we offer house sitting too.

Woof! has your back! 

Oh hi! I'm Diana and the handsome fella to my right is Dash. We've been a dynamic duo for the past 6 years and in that time, Woof! was created. Dash enjoys the finer things in life...like chasing tennis balls and a good nap. He's a ladies man and the Chairman of the Board here at Woof!. We'd like to think the fame hasn't gone to his head but he's beginning to prove otherwise.


While Dash sits at home and gets his 22 hours of beauty sleep, I run the day to day operations here at Woof!. I have experience in walking and caring for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and personalities. I'd love the opportunity to meet your lovable pooch. Oh, and a little bonus...I'm also a professional photographer which means I'll probably send you cute photos of your pup when I visit. 


I'm certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and available for walks, visits, snuggles, and play time. Don't be afraid to reach out...Woof! can help!


The Team:

Dog Walking
Pet Sitting
Kitty & Pocket Pet Visits
House Sitting
Pet Escort Service
(Vet Visits, Groomers Appointments, etc.)

Woof! Pack:

* Woof! LLC is bonded & insured *
* Staff is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid *

Woof! Services:


Contact Us:

Available in the following neighborhoods:


East Side of Providence

East Providence


....and beyond!

© 2020 by Woof! LLC.   

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