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Pet Care Reviews

What the Hoo-mans are saying:

Diana has been so loving and attentive to our dog, our cat, and our two bunnies even when she had to syringe feed one of the bunnies. My animals love her and are always excited to see her. It is nice to have someone who you can tell connects with your animals and loves them almost as much as you do. What more can you ask for?

- Maureen B.

Diana is a very kind and considerate person who has a love and passion for all animals, specifically dogs. She is attentive to a dog's needs and is unconditionally accepting to all that she meets. She has taken care of my dog on multiple occassions while I've been at work or other functions. I think my dog may actually like her more than me! And I'm not sure who gets more excited to see each other to be honest. I trust Diana explicitly with the care of my dog and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking a dog sitter.

- Christopher D.

Diana has watched my dogs on several occasions and has always been wonderful. Very reliable, always on time and my dogs love her! I will absolutely use her again!

- Stephen O.


“When my Mom and Dad told me that I was going to start spending a few days a week with someone new I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect! But meeting and playing with Diana every day has been the BEST time of my life. She brings me outside to go to the bathroom and after I’m done we have so much fun chasing tennis balls and leaves in my back yard. Seeing Diana makes my day…every day.”

- Copper the Black Lab

“I suppose Diana is nice. She feeds me and puts refreshments in my waterbowl.”

 - Sparkles the Maine Coon Cat

“Best belly rubs in town! I give Woof! 5 stars!”  

Chloe the Maltipoo

“Diana is so fantastic!” 

- Jasper the Sheppard Mix


“Oh my gosh! Diana! Yay! Fetch! Oh my gosh! Woof! I love to smile! Do you love to smile? Aren’t tennis balls just the greatest? Oh my gosh! Squirrel!!!!” 

- Jake the Cockapoo

“Ahhh yes, Diana. I know of her. I believe she is the servant who cleans my litter box while my family vacations without me.”

- Noodles the Persian Cat

“Back in the day I was the bully of my neighborhood.  Everything changed when I met Diana. She showed me that everyone deserves to be loved….even the mailman who I swear was out to get me. Before Diana came along I would sleep the day away while my mom and dad were at work. When they finally got home and we would go for a walk, I would take out my frustrations by barking at the other animals in the neighborhood. The other dogs didn’t care too much for me and I didn’t have many friends. I’m not proud of my behavior in those days but I’m so much happier now that I go on daily mid-day walks with Diana while mom and dad are at work. I have lots of friends now and I just started dating a cute Hound Mix down the street named Daisy. She lets me sniff her bum. ” 

- Charlie the Golden Retriever

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